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In Memoriam

In this section we will honour committee members who are no longer among us but are still remembered and continue to be part of the GWEF that way.

Brian Burgess

On Tuesday 10-05-2016, we received the sad news Brian Burgess, our chairman, passed away the night before.


GWEF Brian


Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Brian, rest in peace.


GWEF committee and officers

Duncan Mitchell

It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of Duncan Mitchell, long-time international representative for Great Britain.




Duncan died of cancer at 8:15 GMT on 15 January 2016. I understand that his family were with him by his bedside.

Duncan was well known to many of us both as inter-rep and personal friend. He will be greatly missed.

If I may quote Duncan's last message to all wingers:


"Let the journeys you make, riding the highways and byways, have the sun shine in your faces."


Farewell Duncan.


                                                                                                     Brian Burgess

                                                                                                     Chairman, GWEF

Sergio Cafarelli

Dear Goldwing riders all over Europe


With great sadness I have to inform you that I just received the tragic news that Mr. Sergio Cafarelli, Goldwing rider, former Chairman of GWEF and former International Representative of GWCI was killed (April 3rd) in a tragic motorcycle accident near Troyes in France on his way to the first International Treffen of this season in Marche-en-Famenne in Belgium. Sergio was well known throughout Europe and even beyond and will be deeply missed.


Mr. Sergio Cafarelli


I will remember Sergio as a man with passion in everything he did and am honored to have known him.


Rest in peace my friend!


My sincere condolences to all his relatives and our thoughts are with you.


Barry van de Rijdt
Gold Wing European Federation

Ken Snell

Movie and description by Maciej Kaploniak


This was made for the memory of my dearest friend Ken Snell, who died on the 20th of May 2002 at the Dutch Treffen.
He tought me that friendship knows no boundaries.
For those, who knew him, just to remind.
For those, who did not, to let know.
He enriched my life, he was my friend.
I miss him so much...
My dream is to let all the wingers know, that there was somebody, who did so much for the Goldwing movement in Europe.
That once there was a great man.
And that he will never be forgotten.
His name was KEN SNELL.


"It is necessary that from time to time, one or other of us is required to leave this earthly existence without warning - without having an opportunity to bid farewell to our friends, to our neighbours, but most especially to our family.
But I say this to you all. Did we not say farewell when last we met?
Did we not say goodbye when I last walked out the door?
Did we not wave at each other when we passed on the road, knowing that one day soon we would all meet again in another place?
You know this is true, for we shall meet again one day.


Until that time, I ask only that you remember me.
I cannot be with you in the usual manner, but you must know that whenever you are all together I will be there, somewhere in the background, not far away, to share in your laughter and your troubles.
Do not grieve for me - I am in a better place. When you part again to return to your homes and loved ones, dream of me smiling as I ride my GoldWing on the winds of eternity and when you feel the tender rush of air on your face, smile; it is only me passing by. I will be on my way to join you at your next meeting and then we can all be together again, to laugh and remember the good times we shared. This is my gift to you.


Ride in peace forever."


Peter Ware 20th May 2002. Appeltern


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